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Outsourcing is the Best Strategy

About India Bizz

Offshore development is always makes sense for a strategic approach for many businesses. Many of our clients already tasted that Outsourcing always help them to conduct a cost effective business for them. In order to help the business owners to grow, we take up their profile and portfolios to Global community. Post your business now for an evaluation by Experts to Rate your business and discover your Global clients.

Sales & Marketing

We understand from the Companies point of view in terms of the pain areas in Sales and Marketing and its associated cost involved for every transaction. We simplified the processes and ready to support you to get identified for the opportunities. Our expertise in connecting the businesses will be of help for both the organizations in creating values to each other’s offerings. As a result, India Bizz solutions will improve your business growth and expansions over a period of time.

International Digital Marketing

Going to Global used to be one of the Goals of many business owners. Digital Marketing has become an integral part of Global marketing strategy and has been made simple because of digital technologies. Positioning outlines how a business should market its product or services. Digital Marketing have been earmarked as the fastest way to position your product or services and to reach your target market in a most effective manner. India Bizz supports its clients to address their Positioning Strategy through its Innovative and comprehensive solutions

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Core: ECommerce, Content, Consulting, Digital,

Tech: Magento, WP, Prestashop, Drupal, Android, Big-data

Location: chennai

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listing item

Core: Mobile App Development,

Tech: iOS, Android

Location: chennai

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listing item

Core: Business Consulting,, Functional Consultings,

Services: Prepackaged Compliances, Systems Consulting

Location: chennai

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listing item

Core: Software Development, PMaaS, Consulting,

Tech: .Net, Java, Sharepoint

Location: chennai

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listing item

Core: Ingestion Engine, Data Security,

Tech: Hadoop

Location: Banglore

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listing item

Core: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Maintenance,

Location: chennai

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listing item

Core: 4th Gen Recruitment Product,

Location: chennai

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Core: Hosting, Server Maintenance, Web Development1, , ,

Location: chennai

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Hi-impact Solutions

Presales Solutions

Pre-Sales in IT industry is a part of the Centre of Excellence of an organization and should carry the combo pack of high level technical knowledge along with business values. Understanding the client needs from both business and implementable solutions perspective is important and to use the managerial competencies of proactive innovation, high level communications and customer delight and bring them into the business is the key. India Bizz carrying a decade long expertise in providing solutions to its customers for various complex projects.

Project Management Solutions

Project Planning is a most vital phase in Project Management. Any business owner will run across a new idea or technology if that excites them. They will tend to push for immediate implementation if they try to capitalize on a hot trend. Any rushed implementation even for time-sensitive ideas, often leads to unwarranted financial costs and wastage of manpower. Even small projects should be thought thorough and lined with milestones. A Project plan is not only important for executions, but also valuable to business. India Bizz add value to its customers by way of providing an effective project management solution for their requirements.

Virtual Consulting Solutions

In the Global business environment, virtual Consulting is one of the overwhelmed solutions since attracting skilled people is as critical as business. The decade long war for talent has grown more complex, paradoxical and turbulent, an expert with wide knowledge on the subject matter with high level of commitment is the heart and engine of any organization. India Bizz provides expertise to handle your consulting solutions.









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